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Annie Evans is a respected Practitioner, Author, Lecturer and Clinic Supervisor at Nature Care College, Sydney, Australia.

Annie has 20 years of experience teaching and studying in the field of Energetic Healing. She has lectured and developed teaching modules for Professional Development for the Diploma of Energetic & Spiritual Healing. Annie has taught in applied subjects that range from ‘Introduction’ courses, to the more advanced ‘Journeys of the Soul’, to ‘Energetic Healing in Practice’ where students are taught how to work hands on with energy in a real practice environment.

My new book:
Live the Life you Long for

What's happening when you constantly get sore throats? Why do you feel like you've been kicked in the gut after a bad argument? And what are constant bad backs all about? Every day our bodies are communicating with us in a thousand ways, so it's important we get what they're saying to us.
Discover how much your body can tell you about you, your family, your relationships, your self esteem, how you love and express yourself and, most importantly what to do with this information.
Everyone has the capacity to heal. Accessible, inspiring and filled with fascinating true stories, Live the Life You Long For shows you how.

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