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Annie Evans is a respected Practitioner, Author, Lecturer and Clinic Supervisor at Nature Care College, Sydney, Australia.

Annie has 20 years of experience teaching and studying in the field of Energetic Healing. She has lectured and developed teaching modules for Professional Development for the Diploma of Energetic & Spiritual Healing. Annie has taught in applied subjects that range from ‘Introduction’ courses, to the more advanced ‘Journey of the Soul’, to ‘Energetic Healing in Practice’ where students are taught how to work hands on with energy in a real practice environment.

As a passionate practitioner and supervisor, Annie often fulfils a mentoring role that extends beyond the classroom by working with students in developing their awareness and putting their knowledge of energy and Spirit into practice. She sees this role as an honor and a privilege. “It is one that is close to my heart, I cherish the active role that the Clinic plays in a students personal and spiritual development.”

Prior to her involvement with Energetic Healing, Annie explored a diverse range of professions working with a broad cross section of society. These included dental nursing, business ownership, administration, management, pre-school education, and establishing programs at a Day Care Centre for the elderly.


Annie’s greatest personal challenge came in 1991 when she was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. It was during this fragile time, suspended between life and death that she connected with the power and wisdom of her inner spirit and began her journey in learning about life-energy and healing.

“As I teetered between life and death, I connected with the power and wisdom of my inner spirit, taking on board the transformation and change of mind, body spirit medicine. I was unaware of the hidden power and intelligence of our life-energy, biological and inherited patterns, cellular memory, and the cyclical nature of our lives. My discoveries about the nature of energy and family patterns in relationships became the foundation for my current work.”

While viewing herself as a skeptic in para-normal psychology, Annie’s life was again turned upside down when she nearly died a second time as a result of her cancer treatment, which caused Multiple Thrombosis. In her confrontation with death, she had a deeply moving ‘mystical experience’ that made her challenge the boundaries of her beliefs about life, death and energy. Her life-changing vision triggered an instant expansion of consciousness, which motivated her to pursue a road less travelled, seeking answers and asking a million questions to try and understand what she had experienced.

“ My research has taken me to the Esoteric Wisdom of ancient worlds and philosophies, the mysticism and spirituality of Eastern and Western religions. I have crossed the veils of consciousness into an unseen world of Spirit and Angels. I connected inwardly to an eternal ageless soul that I never knew existed. I found myself. The emergence of the light of my soul brought with it meaning and direction to my life’s purpose and destiny. After all these years it never ceases to amaze me. I have experienced and studied the complexities of life-energy at a core level. My desire is to encourage and inspire others to know the light of their own soul and live the life they long for. We can all do it.”

As an energetic facilitator, Annie brings this understanding, heartfelt wisdom, passion and love to her studies and teaching. She runs a private practice on the North Shore in Sydney and conducts one-on-one private and telephone healing sessions. She is admired and respected by many for her work and is well known for her unique ‘Mud Maps’.

What are Mud Maps?

Mud Maps are an energetic scan of your body and subtle anatomy. They reveal the areas of your life where you are energetically blocked or experiencing physical pain. We can have blocked energy in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual layers of our aura.

Clients will be given a copy of their Mud Maps used in the session, supporting further insights, ongoing healing and personal development. The Mud Maps will have clearly defined marked areas where you are retaining trapped cellular memory in the body. The memory of your cells will have an age correspondence attached, indicating a timeframe of where and when you stored their memories.

If you are interested in learning more about energy and the role it plays in your life, family/soul patterns, having a personalized ‘Mud Map’, presentation, talks or workshops go to for details.

For more information visit my publishers website: Allen & Unwin


  • Diploma of Energetic & Spiritual Healing
  • Certificates in Esoteric Healing and Psychology
  • Certificates in the Philosophy of Ancient Wisdom concepts
  • Certificate from the Australian Institute for Development of Consciousness (two year program)
  • Certificates in Holistic Counseling and Mentoring
  • Certificate in Bowen Therapy
  • Certificate in Polarity Therapy
  • Reiki Master
  • Certificate IV in the Workplace and Training
  • Certificates in Astrology personality and Esoteric
  • Certificate in Transformational Growth
  • Certificates in Meditation and Dream Work
  • Founding Member of the Energetic Healers Association
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