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About the Book:

Live the Life you Long for -
Healing your family, work and relationship issues. (Released August 2010)

Live the Life you long for will change the way you think about yourself, family, friends, work and life. In this inspiring book, Annie Evans reveals how recognising your own energy can lead to happiness, health and self-empowered, positive living.

Annie shares her own personal journey, including how she survived her battle with life threatening illness. As a specialist in the field of Energetic Healing, Annie tells her story with self-effacing honesty and humour, while demonstrating how understanding energy can heal personal relationships and transform your life.

Live the Life you long for touches on the very source of where energy comes from, the different forms it takes, and how in every second of our lives we are living out an energetic experience of our own making!

Through various case studies, Annie opens a doorway into a depth of insight by giving a refreshing view on how simple it is to understand the impact of energy and the practical applications in our daily lives. This powerfully motivating book will show you easy it really is to Live the Life you long for.

For more information and to download the cover artwork visit my publisher Allen & Unwin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an outcome a reader could expect?

When we understand the true nature and source of our life-energy, we begin to glimpse who we really are – what makes us thrive, what makes us sick.

The endless grind of abusive bosses, ungrateful teenagers, absent husbands, painful relationships, unfulfilled dreams, lack of support drains and compromises your body’s energy centres. Basically these and other challenges impact your system, jeopardizing your health and wellbeing.

When you have the feeling of being stuck in a relationship or a job, you are experiencing an actual blockage in one or many of your energy centres. Energetic blockages make it harder for your body to do its job of keeping you happy, healthy and energized. Un-locking these blocks so your life-energy can flow unimpeded through your body, means letting go of old patterns negative thinking or outmoded beliefs and attitudes. Health and happiness can then become an everyday experience.

Live the life you long for, tells my own journey through cancer along with a wealth of case studies. This gives everyday readers lots of practical ways of self-empowerment. Basically it helps readers let go of the repeated patterns that keep them stuck.

What was the catalyst to change your life and start to recognize patterns?

Being diagnosed with inoperable cancer several years after my mother died of cancer was the wake-up call I needed to realize that my life wasn’t working. The realization I was mirroring my mother’s patterns of pain, gave me the sense of urgency you get when there’s a bush fire at your back door!

My cancer highlighted my buried feelings of inadequacy. I began to see how my life was dominated with by feelings of being a doormat, a victim of everything going on around me. Basically I felt powerless and frustrated by life. My health was the casualty of years of these feelings.

It took the diagnosis of inoperable cancer for me to question the impact my stress levels, fluctuating emotions and unhelpful thoughts were having on my physical body. What was my body trying to tell me? What was the large elongated lump of un-expressed grief and self-love buried between my lung and heart crying out for?

Answers to all these questions and much more came on my incredible journey of survival. When I started to take a close look at my life, my thoughts, my feelings I realized I needed to change a whole lot around my thoughts and attitudes – that I didn’t need to be a doormat, to feel a victim. My change in attitudes ­ - to feeling loveable, to be able to say no, to start to do the things I loved to do - became the foundational corner stone of my road to health, love joy and happiness.

What are the key principles in learning to heal family, work and relationship patterns?

We need to welcome change, love, honesty, curiosity, wonder and responsibility for ourselves into our lives. We all have the gift of choice and freedom – it’s what we all seek. We just have to start thinking about our choices, about what makes us feel free baby steps at first, until it becomes a habit. It’s not being selfish, because if we’re happy, healthy and empowered, those around us feel better too.

Our thoughts and attitudes govern our experience of life. They create the world we live in. Becoming aware of how our thoughts impact our life is vital – it’s an amazing insight for most of us.

So, how do you know how you’re tracking? If you feel constantly drained and exhausted, lack boundaries or feel compromised in your relationships, at work or in family situations, you can be sure you’re locked into unhelpful patterns. Perhaps always finding yourself in situations where you’re overworked and underpaid no matter what the job is. Or you may be experiencing constant chest infections or back aches that stop you from being productive or enjoying life. When life’s an emotional roller coaster or your head hurts from constant over-thinking, this indicates theirs blockages in your energy system - your patterns are draining your energy centres and life-energy.

The amazing thing is that every ache and pain has a story to tell. If you get a lot of chest infections such as bronchitis, you’re holding on to unexpressed grief. Sore throats and other throat problems indicate that you don’t feel able to articulate what you want in life – you say yes when you want to say no. You go along with what your boss, your partner, your parents expect of you, instead of what you want to do. And so on.

How can we live the life you long for?

You can Live the Life You Long For by having the courage to change what’s not working for us, and loving and believing in yourself – if we don’t believe in ourselves, nor will anyone else.

Every thought, every feeling, every action has the potential to change who we really are for the better. When we start to learn what all the many messages mean that our body gives us daily, we have this wonderful feedback as to what’s working in any moment for us and what’s not.

Live the Life You Long For helps you learn these messages, what they mean and what you can do about them.

Why do I keep repeating the same old patterns in my relationships?

When you’re not awake to your repeating patterns in your relationships at home or at work, you can’t deal with your personal issues. You’re not aware that feelings of heaviness in the pit of your stomach are all about a lack of self-worth that you’re holding onto past hurts in relationships. Or that nagging constipation may hint at suppressed emotions around guilt about things you may or may not have done in the past. All these little signals are like gold, because they provide amazing keys to how else life can be for you.

    When you have the courage to look at your re-occurring patterns, you’re on the way to real transformation, to growth beyond your wildest dreams, into who you truly are:-Living the life you long for! I know because I’ve taken the journey from inoperable cancer to living a happy, healthy full life lecturing and running my own practice. And, if it works for me, it can do for you too.

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